Calm Radio

Calm radio is a subscription service that also offers free streams with commercial content.  Premium Subscribers to Calm radio can be provided a list of streams with username/password embedded so you may listen to your commercial free content on your Grace Digital Radio.

They've even posted instructions on how to do this to their website

Adding to My Streams would be done at  for non + models

and at for + models.

You will need to register your radio before adding the streams.

How to add a stream to your My Streams folder on your Grace Digital radio
Sometimes you want to add a stream to your radio that doesn't necessarily need to be added to the database.

NON+ models

Your radio must be registered at
To register you will need to do the following:
1) Get a fresh registration key from your radio-non+ models. (this key changes often, so you will need to enter it on the website right away) Go into your 'settings' menus and select 'register' and write down the key (code) that is provided
2) Go to and enter in your registration key and create an account.
3) Then on the side of the web page you will see ‘My Stuff’/My Streams
Click “add stream” and add a name for the Stream that you will be adding.
You will need a non-flash url, without an embedded player for the stream, and the best way we’ve found is to ask the station. Some stations do list streams available for windows media player or realplayer Enter this in the Stream URL field. And click submit.
4) Go back to your radio and unplug it then plug it back in. Then turn it on. From the main menu, select My Stuff/ My Streams.

+ models

Registering your radio allows a few extra features. .

Step One: Go to and click ‘Registration’ to create an account

Step Two: In the menu on the left hand of the browser select ‘Radios’

Step Three: In the upper left hand corner select ‘Add New’

Step Four: Enter your radio’s serial number.

Note: The serial number required to register your radio is not the serial number on the bottom of the radio.

To find your internal serial number please go to your radio’s home menu and select ’Radio Settings’ then select ‘Radio Info’. On the radio info screen you will see ‘---serial number---‘ The serial number will start with ‘gdi’. Please enter the entire serial number into the web portal including ‘gdi’ in the serial area then select ‘Save’


To add a  Stream, select r 'Add a stream' in the Favorites menu on the web portal and add the source audio URL. This would be information provided by Calm Radio.

Once the info is entered, you go back to your radio, do a refresh and the Stream should load.

If you try this and still have trouble, you can open a ticket with the station you are looking for here, or call our customer support team for help at 866-446-0961 Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 4pm and Friday from 9am to Noon Pacific time.


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