Mondo+ is approved to ship!

Hi everyone, We received official approval from Google that we can ship! 

All radios went out via UPS on Wednesday evening. 

Few items of note:  

1) Please wait till Thursday evening to check your UPS tracking number for status as sometimes it takes a day before tracking is updated.  

2) We do not have Spotifiy connect approval yet but that does not stop us from shipping. It will be another 2 months before Spotify connect is approved. In the meantime, you can listen to Spotify premium music via Chromecast built-in (very similar functionality).  

3) We are fine tuning our new Grace radio web portal for customers who want to add their own custom stations and podcast. The site will be up in 2 weeks. will be the URL when live.  

4) Multi-room audio for users who have more than 1 radio is implemented for Chromecast built-in audio. However, for other non Chromecast audio we are working on some bugs before we upgrade the radios.  

5) Bluetooth functionality works as a receiver. We are working on an upgrade to add Bluetooth transmit as well but this will take a while.  

6) Podcast - as advertised you can use any podcast service that you like via Chromecast built-in functionality. There are hundreds of podcast apps that support Chromecast. However, we have recently partnered with to add ‘on radio’ podcast functionality. Its working OK but we are adding speed improvements and enhancements.  

7) Grace radio stations - this is up and running but the 'local station' search functionality needs some fine tuning. All other search functions are working appropriately (search by station name, location, genre all work). The Local search function will be upgraded next week.  

8) Amazon Music - we expect to have Amazon music added to our on radio service in about 3-4 months.  

9) We have made multiple upgrades since the radios shipped from the factory, when you get your radio connected to your network the radio will require you to accept a software upgrade.  

Please contact us directly at for feedback.  

Thanks again for your support. We are excited that we are shipping and look forward to your feedback as you get your radios and as we continue to make improvements and add features.  


The Grace Digital Team  


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