Regarding sealed lead acid battery (Ecoboulder, Ecoboulder+, EcoTrek, Ecoexplorer

  1. When you charge the EcoBoulder after long-time in storage, you need to:
  2. Plug in the AC power cord
  3. Turn off the power button (on the LED display, only battery level and lightning bolt show)
  4. Let the charging run for 8 – 10 hours (i.e. overnight), even if the battery level indicator shows full bars before the 8-10hrs
  1. Use the EcoBoulder (to run the battery down some) – the playtime may be shorter after the first time recharge. Repeat the above Steps '1a' thru '1c' two or three times, and the unit playtime and battery performance will return to normal.
  1. If you perform steps 1 and 2, and play time is still short, then it is likely a battery issue and you need a replacement battery.

 If the you plan to not use the EcoBoulder for a long time, it is recommended that the EcoBoulder be fully charged before storage. (note: storing the SLA battery used in the EcoBoulder in a discharged state will have an negative impact to the battery longevity)

All of our products are designed and  have charging protocols and safety circuitry to prevent fires.We caution against constant charging of Lead Acid batteries over long period of times because it causes accelerated decline in battery life and performance.

To dispose of a lead-acid battery

Contact your local disposal company or recycling center for proper disposal.


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