Mondo+/Encore+ saving favorite streams stations and podcasts

How to use the optional Mondo+ web site to save your personal favorite streams, stations and podcast

Step 1

Go to and create an account

Step 2

Register your radio. Click radios on the left hand menu bar.  Then on your radio go to Home menu and select ‘radio settings’

Then select ‘Radio info’ and enter your serial number including the ‘GDI’ prefix into the web site.


Your radio is now into the portal.

Step 3

Enter the source URL for your stream or podcast, or save a station from our database into the my stations folder


Step 4

On your Internet radio go to the home screen and select ‘internet radio’ then scroll down to your ‘My Stuff’ folder

And your stations will be inside.



Please note use most enter in the source URL for your content not just the URL you see at the web site. Grace does not

Provide assistance to get the actual audio source URL. Please contact the content provider if you are unable to figure out

The actual source URL.  


This web site:  has a good help section to figure out the actual streaming source URL.


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