Mondo+ What’s in the latest Software upgrade

7-13-17 we have just released a new version of software on your radios.  When your radio updates it will now use version 146.36.

The enhancements made on this release are:

  • Enable preset usage during Sleep Timer Mode
  • Added a History function. You can find this in both the Internet radio folder and music services folder ( SXM is missing from the history folder but we will add that in soon)
  • Screen time out function change to 30 seconds (increased from 15 seconds)
  • Added the Date to the standby screen and Now Playing screen
  • Added a Master power off selection in the settings menu for those who use the Mondo+ battery pack. You can use this feature to reset your radio as well if required.  Additionally this is a good feature to use if you have a battery installed and aren’t playing the radio but you don’t plug it into the wall. It will save significant battery life. (When the radio is just in normal standby mode it is still connected to Wi-Fi and the display is still on so it uses nearly the same amount of battery as when the radio is on and playing).  
  • Genre search – We deleted the requirement to select a state when searching for a particular station by genre.

 We will continue to make improvements and bug fixes. However, please note that we do not publicly discuss what software features are in upcoming releases as final software QA testing may at the last minute add or subtract features being currently released.  


146.33. The fixes added in this release are

  • Finding Bluetooth. Some have identified this as an issue although most have it working now. We need to make a few more tweaks in the coming weeks but this upgrade optimizes the process and
    1. Adds the ability to connect to Bluetooth when not connected to a Wi-Fi connection (bug)
    2. Shows a disconnect message if you select disconnect
  • Backlight display for inactive state. Now the inactivity display brightness (whatever you set it to) will be used after 10 seconds of not touching any buttons or using the remote control app.   We will later in the week change this to 20 seconds but the software build was already completed before the change was requested.
  • Fix for local station search
  • We were showing some duplicate stations, that was fixed.


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