Radionomy channels

OFFICIAL RESPONSE FROM Radionomy when we requested updated streams that would play on Grace Digital radios:

"Radionomy stations are now accessible only via Radionomy website / applications and iTunes Internet Radio outside the US"


  They have officially locked all stations from playing in the US.  Below is information from an expert from a public blog that we found:  “Following the increase of the CRB rates for the royalties in the United States and the absence of specific rates for Small Pure Play Webcasters, we are obliged to modify our streaming policy. The new pricing system multiplies by 6 the royalties that we have to pay. Radionomy indicated that its shut-off on the TuneIn platform was a “temporary measure,” and said that it is engaged in discussions with music rights-holders about the value of small webcasting. The company’s formal statement expressed confidence in a resumption of U.S. streams via TuneIn “when a positive change with the U.S. rates is applied.”


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