Playing Pandora on the Mondo+/Encore+

To play your Pandora stations through Chromecast, make sure that your smartphone/tablet or computer is on the same Wi-Fi device as the Mondo+   


Then launch the Pandora app on your smartphone or go to on your computer via a Chrome Browser, then go to the "now playing" screen.  When the album art is full screen, the Chromecast icon will appear under the album art to the right of the track info.  Select the icon then a menu will pop up and select the Mondo+ that you want to play on.


Why isn't Pandora built directly in to my Mondo+?


Pandora requires all new product launches (not just Grace Digital but all competitors  that we have talked to as well) to utilize Chromecast built-in or other cast or streaming type technologies to play music on a speaker/ radio. You can view more about Google’s Chromecast built-in technology which we integrated into the new Mondo+ at Google’s web site:


Unlike a Sonos or Bose system as example that require the use of a separate app to play Pandora on their speakers, Chromecast built-in allows you to use Pandora’s app directly on your smartphone, tablet or via a Chromecast browser on a PC or MAC – no special app required.



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