Optimizing the Battery on your Mondo+

Thank you for purchasing the Mondo+ battery.  The estimated play time of the battery is up to 13 hours. Please note that many variables change the play time between charges:

  • Back light settings: The back light uses an incredibly amount of battery. Please change the inactive battery brightness level to a lower level to increase play time while using the battery
  • Audio volume levels: the louder the less battery play time while using the battery
  • Wi-Fi signal strength: the farther from your Wi-Fi the more power the Wi-Fi module uses.

Here is the real important stuff J  Please note that when you are not using the battery and the Mondo+ is not  connected to wall power it uses almost the same amount of energy as while playing the radio.  Why? Well because the backlight is still on and wii-fi is still on, even though you are not connected.  

So, when not playing music and not plugged into the wall which automatically charges the battery, there are a few things you can do to minimize battery drain


  • Simply turn off the display. When the radio is  off ( standby mode) turn the large select knob all the way to the left until the display turns off.
  • In addition the above we do also have a super low power mode. This will turn the processor speed down and just keep minimal items operating. This will also turn off your Wi-Fi connection.  You can put the radio in this mode in two different ways
    1. Press and hold the power button for about 5-10 seconds until you see the screen turn off.  OR
    2. On the home screen go into the Radio settings menu and select ‘Master Power Off’

Putting the radio in this mode will allow a fully charged radio to not be plugged in for a  4-5 days instead of just overnight.   Please NOTE:  Since the  radio is now barley operating and not connect to Wi-Fi you will not be able to turn it back on with the remote control or the iPhone / android apps (because it’s not connected to the network).

To turn the radio back on please press the power button for about 2 seconds until you see a flicker.  You will now need to wait about 2-3 minutes before it to load everything and reconnect to Wi-Fi. The screen will flicker many times and boot up a couple times. Once you see the message ‘ press power button to turn on’ then you are almost ready to go.  You will turn it on, and depending on a few variables you may or may not have to wait another 5-10 seconds for it to connect to your network, but it will.

Hope this tip helps you to enjoy your Mondo+ battery even more.  Happy listening!


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