Adding Radio Tunes channels

Due to licensing restrictions, free access to stream RadioTunes radio channels is now only available via their website at, or through their official mobile apps. Please visit or download the app to continue listening for free. You can also upgrade to RadioTunes to stream from wherever you choose without restrictions. Visit for more information. Here are the instructions: Head over to for the custom URLs that are mentioned below. Make sure you’re logged in for premium links. 1. At Hardware Player Settings, Choose a channel and select the quality of music. 2. Go down to “Servers” and copy one of the URL links for a server. 3. If you have the in one browser window and the open in an adjacent browser window, you can drag-anddrop from one window to the other. (See below for how-to enter URLs into the radio. You will need to register an account with Then login into your account after you have registered. Next, register your Internet Radio device with Grace Digital at Enter the registration code from your device. For the Mondo+ you have to go to “Radio Settings”, then “Radio Info”. There, at the bottom of the screen you will find the registration code to use. 1. Choose the “My Favorites” 2. Choose the “Streams” menu 3. Then click “Add New” 4. Enter the name of the channel you want to add. For example…“Smooth Jazz”. (Later, you can enter as many as you wish) Next, you will need to copy and paste the custom URLs from the menu linked earlier. Here is how to do this: 1. In the “My Streams” box, click on the channel you created….our example “Smooth Jazz”. To the right, it should now also say “Smooth Jazz” 2. Enter the custom URL from the menu, into the field called… “Stream Address (URL)”. Be careful to copy the URL exactly. Or, as mentioned above, drag-and-drop from an adjacent browser window. 3. Click “Save” after your entry. Next, on your Grace radio: 1. Select “My Stuff” 2. Select “My Streams” 3. Look for RadioTunes or whatever name you gave the new listing. That’s it! 4. You can also add these to the “P” buttons on the front of the radio.


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