Sirius Internet Radio - Trouble Shooting Guide

SiriusXM Internet Radio - Trouble shooting guide

This guide is intended for users who cannot connect their Grace Digital Internet Radio to the SiriusXM service. The common error is the radio will display 'change password or username' after the user types in their Sirius user name and password in the Grace Digital Internet radio.

* Recent update:  SiriusXM suggests that your password for the internet radio be under 10 characters each.

Prior to trouble shooting your SiriusXM service you must 1st  verify that your Grace Digital Internet radio is connected to your WIFI internet network and you are able to listen to other internet radio stations i.e. Non Sirius radio stations.  If you cannot listen to other radio stations or you cannot connect to your internet network you will need to first resolve those issues BEFORE trouble shooting your SiriusXM connection.

After verifying that you are connected to your network and able to listen to other stations please review the following:

1.    If you were initially an XM customer you will need to go to and create a new username and password. Legacy XM user names and passwords will NOT work with Grace Digital or any brand of Internet radios.

2.    Verify that your SiriusXM subscription package includes ‘Internet Radio ’ this is an add on to your general subscription.  Just because you can listen on your computer, tablet or smart phone does not necessarily mean you have the correct subscription.

3.    Verify that you have correctly entered your user name and password on the Grace radio. The main errors are:

a.     The user name or password is not entered in the correct UPPER and lower case format. For example: UserNamE  PASSworD

b.    There is a space in FRONT of the user name or password. Please select the back button to go to the beginning of the user name and re-enter the user name without the space then select ‘END’ or "Enter" then re-enter the Password verifying there is not a space at the beginning of the Password and select ‘END’ or "Enter" .

c.     There is a space at the END of the user name or password. When the username is displayed press the back space once to delete the empty space then select ‘END’ then when the Password is displayed press the backspace once to verify there is no space then select ‘END’/Enter

d.   Your username and password are more than 10 characters each.


4.    Many users change their SiriusXM user name and password during the lifetime of their contract with SiriusXM. If you have changed your SiriusXM user name or password with SiriusXM please make sure you update your radio with the new SiriusXM username and/or password.

5.    If you have recently renewed your contract with SiriusXM please verify that they have renewed your Internet radio service portion of the subscription.

6.    SiriusXM Internet radio service is not available outside the continental US and Canada.

If you are still unable to listen to SiriusXM Internet radio service on your Grace radio please contact us at 866-446-0961 or open a trouble ticket. You will need to provide the following information on the trouble ticket for Grace Tech support to assist in resolution.

• Your name
• Email address
• Phone number
• Your radio model number
• Your radio serial number (you can find it in the 'settings' menu. Choose 'settings' then choose 'version' then scroll the knob until you see 'serial number' on the display):
• Your Sirius User name and Password


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