iPhone Application Quick Start Guide

Step 1 Upgrade your Grace Internet radio Firmware to software pack V257-a-865-a-349 or later.

On the Grace Internet radio menu:
1. Choose ‘Settings'
2. Choose ‘Upgrade Firmware’
3. The display will search for a new update. If a new update is available, the menu will ask ‘Are you Sure?’
4. Choose ‘yes’

Note: Do not unplug your radio from the power while it is downloading. The radio’s display will show the clock when it is finished downloading. If you do not upgrade your radio's software, radio will not function correctly with the new iPhone remote control software.

Step 2 Download the Grace internet radio application from iTunes.

Open the iTunes application. Select the ‘iTunes Store’ on the left hand column. Search for the application by using the search bar in the upper right corner. Type ‘Grace Digital remote control' in the iTunes 'search store' bar. Sync your iPhone or iPod Touch to move the application to your device.

Step 3 Turn on Wi-Fi setting on the iPhone or iPod Touch

Make sure the iPhone or iPod Touch uses the same Wi-Fi network as your Grace Internet radio(s).

Step 4 Turn Wireless Standby Mode ‘On’ for your Grace Internet radio

Activate the Wireless Standby mode to keep radio active for remote control responses.
1. Choose ‘Settings'
2. Choose ‘Network Configuration’
3. Choose ‘Wireless Standby’
4. Choose ’Yes’

Step 5 Enter a custom name for your Grace internet radio

The Grace Remote application will be able to control multiple internet radios which are on the same Wi-Fi network. It is best to give each radio a custom name which the software can display the current radio being controlled.
1. Choose ‘Settings'
2. Choose ‘UPnP’
3. Choose ‘Device Name’
4. Scroll the letters to enter a custom name like “Kitchen’

Step 6 Launch the Grace Remote control application on your iPhone

Note: Make sure that your iPhone or iPod Touch shows that you are connected to Wi-Fi. If the device is not connected to WiFi, the Grace Remote control application will flash an alert message “No Wi-Fi” and close the application. Please turn Wi-Fi on before starting the application again.

Note: If you have only one Grace Internet radio on your network the application will automatically connect to your active Grace Radio. If you have more than one radio, you can now choose the ‘radio’ button on the Grace iPhone application and choose the radio you want to control.


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