How to do a Master Reset on your Internet Radio

In some instances it may be necessary to do a Master Reset your radio back to original factory settings.   This is useful if your radio is locked up or not responding or you if you want clear any configurations or connections which are have been incorrectly setup. 

1) Unplug your radio from the power outlet

2) Press the large scroll / select button in and keep it pressed in

3) Plug the radio back into your power outlet while keeping the select button pressed in

4) If the software is working correctly the display will briefly show ‘Grace Digital’ then ‘initializing’ then after about 20 -30 seconds it will display ‘factory reset complete’. After you see ‘factory reset complete’ you can release the large select / scroll knob.

5) The display will then go blank for 5-10 seconds then depending on your set up ( wireless connection on or off when in standby mode) the radio will turn back on in about 5-15 seconds and go to the main screen where you scan for networks ( if this does not occur after 15-20 seconds press the power (standby)button and then choose ‘settings’, ‘network configurations’, ‘scan for networks’.  You will then scan for networks, choose your network then reenter your password.


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