If Podcast Streams do not Play

If your radio plays internet radio stations ok but you are unable to play a specific stream or podcast that you are saving in your  'my streams' or 'my podcast' folders  typically it means the URL that you have added is not the actual source URL. One way to check the URL is to see if a media player comes up when you place your desired URL into a browser window. If a media player comes up our radio will not be able to play that URL (stream, station, or podcast) . Our radio will only be able to interpret the actual source media-stream URL.

The best way to locate the actual source URL that you desire is to contact the audio stream provider directly.
For podcasts, look for the RSS symbol and copy the URL from the address bar for the RSS feed into your My Podcast folder.
Don't forget to reboot your radio to let the newly added items load.


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