BBC live streams on your Grace Radio!

Most BBC streams, including  BBC World Service and BBC World news are once again available on your Grace Digital Internet radio
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BBC is still available on Grace radios, just not the old WMA streams.  Please unplug your radio and force a reconnect to your router.  Then do a fresh search by selecting INTERNET RADIO/SEARCH /BBC/ Select your choice from the list.  Choose the LIVE MP3 stream and let it play.  Once it is playing on your radio you can save over your old preset.  



  1. Why is the BBC stopping listeners being able to access Radio 5 live sports extra outside the UK?

Due to the lack of international streaming rights, it is not possible to continue to make Radio 5 live sports extra available outside the UK via internet radios, computers and laptop.


  1. When will you stop making Radio 5 live sports extra available outside the UK?

Radio 5 live sports extra will not be available outside the UK from 25th July 2016.

Here are some FAQ from BBC:

Why is BBC Radio changing the audio format across its radio streams?          We are restructuring our distribution methods that will allow us to offer a low cost simple solution and one configuration that can work across all platforms leading to a more efficient, reliable and improved delivery process.

Further information can be found at

Will the change in format affect my internet radio?                                          Yes, some radios will be affected.  BBC national radio stations and local radio services are available to listen to live if your internet radio supports a format called SHOUTcast MP3.   The World Service is no longer available using windows media and has changed to HLS a format incompatible with internet radios).   The BBC has released high quality streams for all stations in a format called HLS and we are working with the manufacturers to implement this across all devices.  If your radio does not support SHOUTcast MP3 you will not be able to listen to BBC radio services.

 Will the change in format affect listening to on-demand programmes?    

Yes. We have adopted a format called HLS for on-demand listening.  We believe a large number of internet radios may not be able to support this format yet and the BBC is working with manufacturers to upgrade the devices as quickly as possible when the software becomes available.   We apologize to all our listeners who may be affected by this change and we are working with manufacturers to help them change to our new streaming technology.


We are in discussion with our software engineers at CSR/ Reciva regarding potential firmware upgrades to re-introduce BBC On-Demand for devices which can accept a firmware upgrade.

We do not know when or if it is possible, however we are definitely hoping for a solution.


Will podcasts be affected with this change?                                                         No, you will still be able to download podcasts using MP3.  A full list of programmes can be found at

Why can’t I listen to 5 live on my internet radio?                                                You can listen if your device uses HLS streams.   However, if your device only picks up SHOUTcast MP3, then you may experience some blanking of sports commentary where we do not have international rights.  We are working on UK only SHOUTcast streams so that you can continue to listen.  We completely understand that this will be very frustrating for listeners on devices that haven’t upgraded to HLS.  We are working hard with all manufacturers to help them change to our new streaming technology but this will take some time to be fully available.  In the meantime, BBC Radio 5 live and Radio 5 live sports extra are also available via DAB digital radio; online at ; on digital television via Freeview and FreeSat channel  706, Sky 0144 and Virgin Media 908 and also via the iplayerradio app across a range of mobile devices. The UK only streams, with sports commentary, can also be accessed through UK Radioplayer.


What guarantee can the BBC give that they won’t change the formats again?The BBC seeks to provide the best audio formats to licence fee payers and will continue to review its distribution methods in order to offer the best listening experience to its listeners.


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