Stuck in Enter WPA key loop?

This is often tied to a sudden power loss, but we've seen it happen in other instances as well-for example, the incorrect password being entered (this is the most prevalent reason for this error).  Here are some tips that have worked for others.

1) Unplug your radio.  2) Refresh the router by unplugging it for a moment, then plugging it right back in. After all the lights are back on, indicating an active internet connection,  please re-connect the radio and you should be good to go.

If it's still in the loop.

2) Temporarily disable wireless security on your router and re-connect the radio.

Then re-enable WPA on the router, the radio will disconnect and ask for WPA key, enter it, and you should get re-connected.

Still having trouble?  Our Customer care team is available by telephone at 866-446-0961 M-Th 9 AM-4 PM and Fridays 9 AM-Noon Pacific.


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