Will my radio still work with SiriusXM?

You may be wondering if your radio will still work with your SiriusXM Internet radio subscription.  For new models of our Internet radios, the answer is YES.  Only some older product codes will be affected, effective September 2015, with a change made by SiriusXM to their servers.  

If you have a Mondo, Primo or Encore, you will continue to enjoy your service.  When your radio says UPGRADE FIRMWARE, select YES!  

Find the product code of your radio by going to Settings/version/and turn the dial until you see PRODUCT CODE.  The following codes are affected:569 649 708 627 623 594  762   680  842  709 639  877 and will NO LONGER be able to receive SiriusXM due to the change in their servers and an incompatibility problem with our older radios.




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