How to add a podcast to your My Podcasts folder on your Grace Digital radio

Your internet radio must be registered at

To register you will need to do the following:

1) Get a fresh registration key from your radio. (this key changes often, so you will need to enter it on the website right away)  Go into your 'settings' menus and select 'register' and write down the key (code) that is provided

2) Go to and enter in your registration key and create an account.

3) Then on the side or the top of the web page, you will see ‘My Stuff’/My Podcasts

Click “add podcast” and add a name for the Podcast that you will be adding.

You will need a url for the podcast, and the best way we’ve found is to search for an rss feed for the podcast.  Enter this in the Podcast URL field. And click submit.

4) Go back to your radio and unplug it then plug it back in. Then turn it on.  From the main menu, select My Stuff/ My Podcasts.


How to find the URL for your podcast

Go to the webpage for the podcast you are looking to add.  For this example, we will use Ross Mathews podcast- we googled” Ross Mathews podcast” which took us to

Look for a subscribe or RSS button and click on it.

This gives us  (this is the URL you want to add for the podcast)

Often you will see a ‘subscribe now” box with an address to copy or a View Feed XML link which will give the same information. 

Once the info is entered, you go back to your radio, do a refresh and the podcast should load.  Sometimes it takes a couple tries. 


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