Troubleshooting bluetooth connections for your speaker

Problems pairing Bluetooth from your Ecoxgear device to a smartphone or tablet

The biggest reason for a problem pairing your Ecoxgear speaker to a tablet or smartphone is that your device, or the Ecoxgear speaker think they are already paired to something.

The simplest solution for this is to:

  1. Place your speaker and your audio device near one another while you troubleshoot.
  2. Reset the Bluetooth on your audio device (phone or tablet), go to Bluetooth settings, select the gear or icon next to ECOXGEAR and ‘forget this device’.
  3. Turning Bluetooth on and off on your phone or Tablet will also remove other Bluetooth connections.
  4. Start the Bluetooth mode on your speaker, by pressing the Bluetooth button to get the blue light flashing.
  5. Re-scan for nearby Bluetooth devices on your audio device and select Ecoxgear from the list.


Problems pairing Bluetooth from your Ecoxgear device to a computer or laptop

We have found that the Bluetooth built in to most laptops and computers isn’t really suitable for audio streaming to speakers.  Usually the Bluetooth technology used in these devices is intended for external keyboards and mice.  The Bluetooth built into smartphones and tablets is intended for such a purpose.

Incompatible Bluetooth on a laptop or computer will cause issues with playback, and problems connecting.  Before you conclude that the problem is with your Ecoxgear speaker, test the speaker with a smartphone or tablet. 

What can cause interference with my Bluetooth speakers?

Bluetooth range and performance are affected in ways you might not expect. Other Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi peripherals such as cameras, cell service and wireless signals from cordless home phones or baby monitors, can cause interference Tinted windows, metal door frames, walls and more also can interfere.  If you keep your phone in a pocket, Bluetooth distance may be reduced.  Keeping your device in the same room/area as your Ecoxgear speaker will give the best performance.

The human body can limit Bluetooth connectivity!  If you or a group of people are between your device and your Ecoxgear speaker, the Bluetooth cannot pass through, causing connectivity issues.

We recommend keeping your audio device safely within a few feet of the speaker if you have a group that may walk or stand between the devices.

Bluetooth -- like Wi-Fi -- relies on two-way radio communication to work, any obstacle in the line-of-sight between the two connected devices limits the effective range of the connection. For example, a Bluetooth signal travels farther in an open field than it does in a home or office building. Dense objects between the devices degrade signal quality.  Removing those barriers will improve the range of the connection.


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